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Non-toxic Chilean poet

The highly-anticipated results didn't satisfy Neruda's family members and friends who said the poet's case remains unsolved.

SANTIAGO, Chile — The four-decade mystery of whether Chilean Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda was poisoned was seemingly cleared up on Friday, when forensic test results showed no chemical agents in his bones. But his family and driver were not satisfied and said they'll request more tests.

Neruda died under suspicious circumstances in the chaos that followed Chile's 1973 military coup. The official version is that the poet died of cancer. But Neruda's driver and aide has said for years that dictatorship agents injected poison into the poet's stomach while he was bedridden at the Santa Maria clinic in Santiago. His body was exhumed in April to determine the cause of his death.

"No relevant chemical substances have been found that could be linked to Mr. Neruda's death," Patricio Bustos, the head of Chile's medical legal service said as he read the test results of the seven-month investigation by the 15-member forensic team clothing label.

Bustos said experts found traces of medicine used to treat cancer in Neruda's remains but that there's no forensic evidence to prove that Neruda died from anything else other than a natural cause.

The highly-anticipated results didn't satisfy Neruda's family members and friends who said the poet's case remains unsolved.

"The Neruda case doesn't close today," said Chilean Communist Party lawyer Eduardo Contreras. "Today we're going to request more samples. They referred to chemical agents but there are no studies about biological agents. A very important chapter has closed and was done very seriously but this is not over."

Neruda, who won the Nobel prize for literature in 1971, was best known for his love poems. But he was also a leftist politician and diplomat and close friend of socialist President Salvador Allende, who committed suicide rather than surrender to troops during the Sept. 11, 1973, bloody coup led by Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Neruda, who at the time was 69 and suffered from prostate cancer, was traumatized by the coup and the persecution and killing of his friends. He planned to go into exile, where he would have been an influential voice against the dictatorship iphone 4 otter cases.

But a day before he planned to leave, he was taken by ambulance to the Santa Maria clinic, where he was being treated for cancer and other ailments. Officially, Neruda died there on Sept. 23 from natural causes. But suspicions that the dictatorship had a hand in the death have lingered long after Chile returned to a democracy in 1990.

"We're not satisfied with this but it's an objective result and there's still a way to go," said Rodolfo Reyes, one of Neruda's nephews. "A deeper investigation is needed hosting service."

Ohio serial killer

Michael Madison has been re-indicted by a grand jury with wording that allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty if he is convicted of the three killings in July.

CLEVELAND — An Ohio man charged with the murder of three women whose bodies were found wrapped in plastic bags and dumped near his East Cleveland apartment will face a possible death sentence g-suite cardinal manchester, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Michael Madison, 36, has been re-indicted by a Cuyahoga County grand jury with wording that allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty if he is convicted of the three killings in July.

Police found the remains of Shirellda Terry, 18, after neighbors reported a strong odor coming from a closed garage behind Madison's apartment. Madison, a registered sex offender, was arrested the same day.

The following day authorities found the plastic-wrapped bodies of Shetisha Sheeley, 28, in a weeded lot two houses from Madison's apartment and Angela Deskins, 38, in the basement of a nearby vacant house, police said g-suite in oldham.

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Madison has been indicted on 14 counts, including two counts each of aggravated murder. Madison also is accused of three counts of kidnapping, three counts of gross abuse of a corpse, one count of rape and one weapons charge.

The re-indictment added an allegation that the three killings were a "course of conduct" by Madison and that the murders were committed in the course of another felony - which could lead to a death penalty, prosecutors said.

During the interrogation in July, police said Madison mentioned the name of convicted Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell. The bodies of 11 women wrapped in plastic garbage bags were found in and around Sowell's home in 2009. Sowell was convicted and sentenced to death cardinal manchester.

It will be the fourth time since taking office last year that Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, who also charged Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro, will seek the death penalty.

Madison has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is being held on a $6 million bond.

This year

This year , often hair cut a few times , I remember years ago, and electricity and dyed and straightened, and finally cut a kick full , long hair neatly , and decided to stay put long hair , how to register a business retained a Chinese traditional women should have black hair. In fact, this is our real needs and the heart wants, perming and coloring just to pursue and imitate the minds of those so-called "beauty " values.

Of course, I think that personal traits , it has been beautiful.

People are always striving for perfection themselves, regardless of the cause but also substance , beauty , but the premise to overlook the social perception of the substance and beauty are distorted , through the years , you will find complete imperfect , unimportant , g-suite cardinal manchester integrity has been very well.

Because people say you fat , try to lose weight, weight loss way is dieting , vomiting, excessive exercise or medication , the premise is that we are very greedy for food , will fertilizer, if appropriate to do back to their original , in fact, did not fat .

Social pressure , family pressure to marry efforts should strive to care, to work hard , and strive for a friend , I suddenly felt tired. Sometimes , sadness and happiness can not let you become a better person , to become a better person , and now I is defined as the natural ease, can be healthy , comfortable , defying the future, you need to have a brave heart in life on reserves , is the best .

Sometimes you think that the desire to make you amazing with remarkable chapter g-suite, but in fact there is nothing remarkable , life eventually had to see for himself .

Because our pursuit of perfection , so deviant , but in fact it 's not perfect .

Char.gy taps into lampposts to charge your electric car

If you have a garage with a power socket, an electric car makes an awful lot of sense. If you park on the street, however, the infrastructural challenge of keeping your electron-powered vehicle topped up becomes complicated enough that perhaps sticking to driving on squished dinosaurs makes sense for a while longer. Until Char.gy comes along, that is reenex cps.
“Seventy-two percent of drivers in London don’t have off-street parking,” says Richard Stobart, CEO of the London-based Char.gy. “If you want an electric car, not being able to charge at home is a major disincentive.”
So, in a world where people want to drive electric cars, cities are trying to clean up the air and car makers want to sell electric cars, how do you take on the not insignificant challenge of charging car batteries in a dense and fast-moving city such as London? You tap into other, already existing infrastructure, of course enterprise cloud computing solution.
“People want to charge their cars while they are doing something else, preferably when they are parked at home and asleep in their beds,” Stobart points out, and offers a solution. The company has developed charge points that connect to the existing street furniture: Lampposts. Makes sense: The cables are already there, the local government owns them, and once you’ve gone that far, you may as well make the next couple of logical steps.
“Our vision is that there will be several lampposts near your home with a charge-point that you can park near to charge overnight,” Richard explains. “We are developing a platform to manage the charging too, using a business model not dissimilar from mobile phone contracts. Users pay a monthly fee for access to the charge points and a free allocation of charge garage storage cabinets.”
The early-stage company is running a pilot program with Richmond Council in London, installing a number of units in Barnes and Kew, with the first charging points appearing later this summer.
“We are trying to create a win-win solution for everyone, not least local government,” says Stobart, addressing part of the challenge of building a marketplace with multiple players. “We are making it seamless and effectively free for the councils and solving the problem of half of all public charge points being out of service.”

his tool box

I can’t stay in one place for too long. In the distance, the sun is always reflecting off the leaves creating spiderwebs between the branches that I’m sure I’ll be able to feel one day. On the day I will finally understand the difference between the unreal and real. Until that day, I will continue to chase that line between the sky and earth. I know I’ll get there one day or I’m not Mercedes A’Lexus Ford, and I told you I was chenille patch.

My bags were packed and I was on my out of this door. A knock would have me linger here in this life where I no longer existed. I answered the door and lingered. He was wearing dirty jeans and work boots. His arms were perfect for keeping your warm and pinning you down. He was a tall dark man with eyes that lied. I thought I saw a smile. I didn’t have time for this. There were too many miles between right now, the desert, and my new name. He introduced himself as the plumber that had come to fix the problem I had called about a month and a half ago. I let him in and watched his ass go by. Not even that would make a good enough story to stay here property in brazil.

I hear him in the bathroom bellowing and banging things. I laugh and think that is exactly what I felt every night and morning as I had to clean myself in the kitchen. He is explaining to whomever was on the other end of the phone how they needed to start stretching in order be prepared to have his tool box inserted into a certain bodily orifice when he got back to the office nu skin.


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