In My Dreams

In My Dreams




In the south of the misty rain

Blue sky, is spotlessly clean heart. Sunshine, is penetration Buddha mind. A lamp Qingming, a ray of fragrance, dressed Pathetic, some warm memories, among mountains and the water drunk dealings wind. Lonely glide quietly, in the depths of years, into the misty sky misty rain, spilled south of the ink Dan company seal Hong Kong.

Meet with you, the most beautiful of my life unexpectedly. Sky after the rain, there is no bright rainbow, there thrilling blue. You stand in the lake, Fangcaoqiqi pastoral years, dressed in white, stunning water falling. What edge is? Throbbing soul at that moment only. What is love? Only fleeting casual glance at each other. Perhaps looking for a thousand years of waiting, perhaps forgotten moments of waiting, the moment it becomes timeless. Heart, is a lifetime. Beautiful life, than encounter the moment, the impact of body and soul, gentle beautiful south.

Wen Wanru jade, Wai Lan heart, what shall I describe to you. You are graceful woman in classical Lane, with the Hermit Tao Yuanming, Qingzhao quiet, gentle, and Wet, walking in the south of the rivers and lakes, writing elegant rhyme. Not warm, not play, as this southern rain, Durian, Ruoyouruowu, hazy in my dream. Mature-minded, compassionate hearts, busy watching flowers bloom, Yunjuanyunshu. Homecoming, precipitated a touch of elegant you, you are a woman intellectual and deep. Obsession, is my heart. Intoxicated, is my feeling. Haunting dream Ying. Feel every drop of rain, all your tears; every cloud, all your love; every flower, all your heart; every wisp of wind, all with your fragrance; every sound water ring, are be your Qing Yin. Zen cloud water, you are in addition to the Red, vigil to Buddha in my heart alexander hera pre wedding.

Walking through the misty rain south, along the winding Liu Di, observing fish play wave, wind and waves, either Acacia, such as clouds filled. Think that slender willows, as you wind in hair, flowing out of the classical and romantic. Winding streets, stone waterside pavilions, all with a touch of tempting thoughts. Already the spring, your heart still asleep it? Peach opened, and thanks. Willow fell again green. That rain banana, but also a huge drooping who withered leaves, Huai has gone a thousand years. Do you see it? Clear Bitan, droves of herring, his mouth plants, where planktonic algae in silk, enjoy the freedom of happiness. Petals speckled Bitan, grass covered slopes, I wander in the spring, but my mind was only you. There are a strange herring, but like inverted tour, if rebellious, I always do strange things. Stir in a solitary pavilion, pavilion empty, and that Guyingzilian willows one, in the blue misty rain melancholy hk 4g.

Really like this magical land, and this land somewhat legendary gardens. This is the city center, the last pure land. A few acres of gardens, hundreds of years of history. Across a small lake, uphill, but also a small lake. All trails through quiet, all the ancient gray. Show on ancient camphor and sign hanging on the ancient maple, these trees have been there for 200 years or 150 years. The youngest laurel, there are hundreds of years. Qiaolan standing on Immersió, listening gurgling water, as if living outside. Ancient wisteria, along trees, meandering out vigorous and stubborn, purple wisteria on a brilliant spring bloom unique, that is what a flower waterfall? Pouring a kind of majestic and deep, as if you unique elegance and romance. Mantianhuayu, sky florid. Birds chirp, in such a pure land, their song is the most crisp, their voice, only know there is love, I do not know hate. Birds such as the Teana, accompanied by the sound of water, accompanied by flowers, deep shade, in the lonely depths, in the depths of Zen.

Under the stone bridge, is a canal, canal water is quite anxious, but more to see clear. Algae wind in the hair and tiny fish, such as needle, such as filaments, such as raindrops, such as the woman's eyelashes, channeling a torrent. Drainage is next to Bi Tong, several stool, reached into Pitt pond, old stone fence, but no one anglers. Then less of promise, "Green bamboo hat, green hygrophila Inclined rain do not need to go," the old-fashioned, I miss you, Phi Mino Dai Li, doubted see, in this rain, rain, quiet fishing a lake brothels. I was fishing sway the public, you are fishing woman Millennium romantic. Qin floral nose, as if your body fragrance, quiet and elegant. Far from a pavilion, Bangshui built magnificent sight, the doors locked and a lot of rocks beside embellishment. Rocks, waterside, trees, flowers and reflection in the water, and that the fish seemed to stoning, waterside, trees, flowers and walking through, cruising and in heaven Wonderland. And you embracing, holding a book, slow chant poetry, in the south of the rain, let the water reflecting our face, in the stream of time quietly, slowly getting old. Finally, with this pure natural melt and unity. Lake at the end, is a bridge, the bridge opening is connected to, and is a pool. Big red carp, wagged his tail, slowly through the bridge opening to that clearer and more shallow lake to go, gradually hiding in the rocks disappear. A lawn embankment, shiny green grass. Yula among the bushes, a place filled with smoke.

House building homes, or cornices carryover, antique; or tall Broad, strong and modern. Are nestled in the green bushes, after several twists and turns, deep-lined, discovered a way Orchids. Orchids everywhere, that glimpse of the elegant, worldly know all the flowers, a little vulgar. Lancashire valley, as if the hidden world of you. "Jie Lu in the human environment, traveling without noise. Creates a wilderness round? Heart distant self-bias. Mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain. Mountain air sooner or later good. Asuka phase also. Among them there are real intention, To distinguish words have been forgotten. "hermit, such as blue, but I'm just a daisy it. You are blue, I was chrysanthemum, graceful in the south of the rain. Portland, in the rain silence. Purple flower, white bottom, light and elegant, and that light petals, thin as onion skin, lip, such as silk. That was the rain wizard, cloud soul, dreams of Sanskrit. Blue fresh fragrance, no one can match the flowers in the world. That is the real soul of Fine penetration in the sky at the moment, a bright shining void Buddha. Portland, gracefully open, under old trees, maybe they do not need a lot of sunshine, just a little wind and rain, sufficient, able to open a shock earthly flowers. Portland, full of a place, where every flower, there is a you. You petals swaying, shaking off a ground poetry.

Because of you, is the rain and warm. Alone in the solitude of the rain and enjoy the heart of your happiness. Turned blue pool, that 200-year-old maple sky, wake up my sleeping wild. Indomitable spirit, all-powerful, full steam ahead, Kangkaibeige, I present the world a man. Want armored cavalry, across battlefields, die on the battlefield, spear poetry. That I, I was a hero, you're beautiful, you're lying in my arms, quietly shed tears, tears wet my shirt, writing their love romance. My Kung Fu, sword long song, and his heroic. Because of you, my world is no longer lonely, wandering dead leaves that land, but also the flexibility of the foot with the rain, flower, leaves, grass is always mixed together, mixing real hint of emotion; because of you, I text With Brisk wings, ethereal mood, romance. Lush trees, the sky-line, this is what a ancient and quiet. Hiding in ancient buildings, and occasionally exposed corner, colored flowers, embellished. White, orange flower, yellow spring, red camellia, purple paulownia, respectively, in different areas, you inadvertently, and you hit a full. Because of you, my journey is no longer alone, and not one person looking at the landscape, at the moment, is clearly with you. You as air in my breath, in my heart and lungs, in my blood the. You are like the floral-like, into my body, and I merged the. Life thank you, in my mind, in my body, you are everywhere. In the south of the rain, meet you, nice. You hold a paper umbrella, who exudes a faint smell of orchids, wavefront graceful, poetic walked in my life. You are my life passing it?

Smoke filled the air, the rain started falling. Life, as always, nothing exciting, and occasionally hectic, occasionally quiet, leisure reading, busy like you. Eager to work with you met in this misty rain. Eager to work with you friend, in this southern spring inside. Eager to work with you in love, this life in the corner. Eager to work with you in love, in this earthly city. Desire to be with you, forget the world forget the Pure Land in this machine. We met in the earth where it becomes warmer Pure Hell is full of happiness. But you do not know a little while, I only miss the quiet, lonely enjoyment, the personal end of time.

Miss dense smoke, Rain with flowers swirling. I like romance of rain, like rain dripping alone in the middle, I feel your presence. Your little hand in my big hands warm, your hair on my shoulders soft, your body fragrance flowing in my heart and lungs, your laughter in my ears lingering. Rain, quietly, gently, softly. You quietly, warm, Mimi. Tears over the face, wet skirts, washing the hearts of melancholy. I wait for you, in the south of the rain, waiting for you, forever, you will come? Maybe this life, you do not appear, it will not come, you're just one of my dreams, in the rain, south of the rain, free of the millennium. My Lan, where are you?

One thousand turn 100 back, unknowingly is a eucalyptus forest, straight trunk, is so straightforward, and does not know a song, evidently, or even to my heart. I like that kind of straight-line sky is so arrogant, the original is still proud of my bones, but forgot he still proud of it. How do you like it? Such a primitive jungle. Vast and not marginal, with the mountain, toward the day's end. The middle is the number of acres of open space, empty and vague and remote. Secluded woods, birds blowing breeze, Manjuan a Lin Shasha sound, stroll in the forest, yellow leaves everywhere, stacked, such as blankets. Open space at the end, is that this new orchard, a large, a large, yellow soil, delicately fragrance. Orchard outside, is bustling streets, the same color of skyscrapers, only separated by a wall, the hustle and bustle, stand on the outside. Pro, this is not as our spirit? Only a fence, they create a pure land of the soul. Few black dog, a few brown sheep on the open grasslands Sahuan, foraging. Not far away, an abandoned Wayao, surrounded by vegetable, a dirt path through the center from vegetable, separated by a wall leading to the Red.

Orchards along the path next to the number of rows in a slow, a fence, a Chaifei, a wooden hut, one full of frogs in Xiaotang, pond overgrown with grass. Open Chaifei, went, showing new species of peppers, eggplant, and open white radish, cauliflower holding yellow petals, neat vegetable bed, creepy many unknown wildflowers. A newly built skyscrapers, called City Island to the, hospital dozens of strains of large camphor tree, called Green Island, a luxury compared to the garden, I do not know how poor a. But people are still lucky upstairs and contentment in the upstairs also saw this piece of green sea, but also fancies mean. Chaifei in the garden, has been extended to the base of the skyscraper, skyscrapers and that only a bamboo woven into the fence apart, an elderly couple in the footings of the building planted fruits and vegetables. People think that the building can be staged reality version of stealing food, effortless. Real paradise, frog drum bursts, we feel that is the right to take the hoe to pick Kei older couple, happy and satisfied. As long as the heart, thousands of miles apart, Whatdoes. No body Nabi Flying wing minds think alike, in fact, needless to say. Caring silently, silently understood, silently waiting, silently blessing, everything is silent, and sometimes really can silence speaks. No secular, no cumbersome, it is pure land where love, heaven affair. Gradually drift into a lingering and warm air, through the years of time and space, burning in life blue sky and white clouds, romantic Jiangnan misty rain.

Road without end, Article 110 attached to each other, winding paths past, a straight road, the big street is several tall, youthful woman faintly audible laughter. Far, vibrant spring, publicity and presumptuous. Osmanthus tree beside a tree backwards enough number of blocks of stone, carving hundreds of years ago, romantic, everything will become history, including that of building youthful laughter. Everyone was young, it will slowly grow old, the last is a cup of dust. On a piece of ground, stuck Jiduo plastic flowers, a bunch of burned paper money of ash, residue nuclear some firecrackers, flowers are planted around a new strain of laurel, surrounded by a circle. Perhaps the memorial is buried in the sweet-scented osmanthus tree soul. Life Ho to, and that is our final destination, to one with laurel, perhaps a good home.

Life is a lot of things are contradictory

What is the content? Chinese words, meaning self-knowledge, do not make excessive desire. The language of the daodejing. Don't think "disaster in contentment". Human life, this concept is reflected in the human life, and everyone senses of thinking. As long as people life easy, keep in mind how much you have, freshwater pearl earrings can do many things, but don't blame your faults. Because, though poor, but have happiness, health, happiness more than many people. Don't complain, enjoy your blessing, richly deserved strive, lest blessing cannot increase but are all taken away.

Ancient yue: ", blame is not satisfied with a great deal in a great deal in the desire to ", "good than, Derby in content than the next. Derby on an old friend shame; contentment" than in the content. This is to tell people ethical, nuskin hk ideological and moral aspects should be above the ratio; Desire to enjoy life and material should be under oneself than people.

Life, it is a physical, to eat work, work, eat, this generation generation cycle of the cycle. Such is life, is to know yourself in the foot, know the where to go, go faster or slower. Of course is a benchmark, whether that is their happiness, many things are bottomless, fill to the death, you also fill. So, as the most common and ordinary people is not too much excessive pursuit and longing, ordinary and plain, without the disaster difficult, pan has a bowl of rice to eat, the elderly health and longevity, lively and lovely children, life is enough!

Life is a lot of things are contradictory. How to hold the line, this point, it's what we really need to ponder and explore.

So, the philosophy of life contentment is happiness feel like? The connotation of the person should have a heart of contentment have those nuskin hk? Personal understanding basically has the following eight:

The heart of the content is a kind of accomplishment in life. Contentment is life cultivation of high level, if the open valley, can bring out a person's most measures, the daodejing yue: "contentment often enough, lifelong not insult; check often check, lifelong not shame". So-called "everything" in life, career "ladder" only is a kind of good will, of course, is not in line with the scientific laws. The ancients cloud: "whether not, look at the courthouse flowers bloom; yourself, clouds scud across the sky Ergonomic seating." Know meet was trapped, and who does not know enough people wouldn't meet dangerous, so people's reputation and interests can keep for a long time. Contentment is satisfaction or wish to have life. Contentment is objectively understanding and accurate judgment have goals and wishes, and fully affirmed the current status, and always stay happy, peace of mind. "Contentment" is not a general not aggressive, people keep a desire within limits, perhaps is a kind of progress, upward booster. But must grasp the "degree", take the permitted under the conventional means.

then lost themselves

Love road there are many, but you can only choose one of them, you can wander at two crossroads, but can't go on at the same time. If you choose the way to go, that brave, insist on something, don't pull out. Don't desire what your journey scenery, don't have to use your conditions to limit the person who accompany you, not because your subjective but in virtually isolated the world of two people, pulled open the distance of two hearts Miniso.

Affection is a bright flowers, aromatic, leaching, cases, but if not carefully nurtured, the flowers will wilt; Affection is TiaoDang flame, crazy hot, is glorious, but if without restriction, the fire will devour everything; Love is the spring thunder rolling, natural and unrestrained agitation, unforgettable, but after the thunder and lightning, peace is the essence of the sky; Affection is the body's vitamin, cannot lack, also cannot too much, otherwise life will be destroyed.

Don't need a magnificent and victorious love, love at first sight is only a handful of accident, romantic meet, do not necessarily have a beautiful ending, plain can also impressive, plain is the true meaning of life, also is the perfect love in the real world. Holding hands, changes in temperature need to know; Holding hands, feeling left two, is an ancient and firm commitment, is romantic and beautiful legends, and son xielao is the greatest love Miniso.

Love is like two pull a rubber band, injured is always reluctant to let go of that. Feelings of the world, the more get, the more barren. Feelings for a long time, it is not love, but depend on. When lose, that is not painful, but don't give up. Once owned of, don't forget; Has been lost, reserved for memories; Belong to own, don't give up. There is a feeling called out, there is a kind of give up is accomplished.

We always love in with the mask, always want to show their the most advantageous one side, deliberately concealed commonplace that part. Do you want to accept a person, not only accept his superior, but saw his extraordinary ordinary but still go to love. Fact is often: we walk, feel each other has changed, in fact, we did not change, we just walked into each other most real places, and then lost themselves Miniso.

It takes courage to love a person,. If you want to love, you have to endure the torture of life, accept the long test time, refused to all kinds of temptations around. Love has no shelf life, but there will be a freshness. In defence of the battle of love, we may be scarred, exhaustion of body and mind, may be out of ammunition, mournful helpless, but we have the faith of love, she is everywhere. Believe in love, is actually believe ourselves!

Love, because of despair and divine, cooling time can only love, but can't kill the love, the feelings of regret for need to use a lifetime of time to chew and the principal. Reality is always a pair of hands to take love throat. Reality little by little love. To this, none of us can do. Actually it's not difficult to love a person, but to love a person is difficult to the rest of my life, marriage and love needs careful management

And now does time water

Still remember that year month is that day in Gou peak saw the goose, who is in college I saw the first goose, then early summer in May, under the sky, the breeze artificially, clouds scud across, sunlight, time like water, very comfortable, hengyang I don't seem to have a good mind, but now he will think I can never remember the jiefang road and want to go to many times, but had never been to hengshan alexander hera pre wedding.

Helpless flower falls, familiar yan return. May the swallow with the appearance of the deadly goose is also very appropriate, don't know where the goose, also do not know in front of the yan and will fly to where, maybe I'm Gou peak once who saw the goose had been eaten, but the peak of mountain breeze will still think of, often faint twitters.

And now does time water, finally dawned on Rene liu lightly "we have no together," the singing: time to go, who still waiting alexander hera pre wedding?

Harvest moon spring breeze aimlessly, next time such as zen. Passed nine bay fragrance, plum rain in August, the peach blossom in March wind, out of the flower bloom and fade the four degrees of reincarnation, finally went to the gardenia flower season in June, the past time there will be no more, the affectionate ruthless phoenix flower open intersection, the river into the current of time, finally we walked separately alexander hera價錢.

Work of shallow lake water, green willows by the lake, you are so cool and eternal, memory is so vivid, the so-called iraqis another side of the river, another side of the river's far iraqis?

Now, the days we had already passed, as if finished one years to our task, because it's too good, so always care. And what we can do, only memories, each other sad this time, that's all alexander hera wedding.

the United States has Xiao worry

Inscription : Today I was in the hospital , a number of instruments at our hospital trial , I was staring at this batch of instruments. I sat in their laboratories , waiting for an instrument failure and past repair. Sadly, the instrument can only be idle at the side , with only one girl she used . Also considered balanced mind some of it ! Dash , there is a doctor, but also a child 's mother , she was asked to call the situation a child exams next to me. Child to the mother is not a good answer papers say . My mother asked , answered a few times to check what writing is ah ? The child said to check a lot of times , essay topic is my favorite half thesis writing . The child said she liked what I wrote was my fall . Mom anxious, not just the back of one of my toy car? Why do not you write my favorite toy car? Then said something. Why must children recite this back then , the child 's innocent , children of their parents and their teachers are deprived of imagination Whyalexander hera wedding?

So I decided to write this : I love autumn.

Autumn is my favorite colorful colorful . There drizzle with leaves, there is a hazy fog of fantasy . Proverb said: rather critical . Indeed when the autumn comes, ripe fruit , leaves yellow, withered grass too . Autumn is a colorful world , colorful, bright color Miles !

I personally like autumn morning . If we are lucky , hidden in the mist alone can appreciate this quiet morning. When that white Xia frost , when the leaves hang , fluffy feel . At that time , the girl's face like persimmon blushed , the earth has had new clothes . When the sun came out , everywhere sparkling, shiny , shiny ! When the burst of a breeze , how a cool Zile , also cool is not it? Autumn chill , is simply a pleasure. When the mist rises , Trinidad colorful , Miles Gone ! Enough to make you enjoy the whole beauty alexander Hera .

Lift the fall was somewhat bleak feeling. Although a significant things in color , but ultimately to die. This is the law of nature. Only relieved residues will have spring loaded freshmen . Like the Sui and Tang Bai's poem " wild fire in spring ." Desolately ups and downs , like the ancient original grass for him and his friends are parting cry cry cry . Another example is Wang Wei's " September 9 Brothers in Shandong " alone as a stranger in a different , every festival pro. Afar brothers climb the mountain, wear cornel but one person . Thoughts hometown friends and relatives , in which Jin Qiujia section spontaneously. How much love was born in the fall of so many people and how much King sad ! " Montreal yellow accumulation, gaunt loss , and now anyone worthy pick ! "

But then again, by the King hygiene conditions, but will have to see a specific person's state of mind. Tao Yuanming different. " Mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain ." With autumn , but he bet Picking chrysanthemums , autumn tour or a drink . When looking at the Nanshan , watching birds homing evening together , this Tian Ran contented , vulgarity is indeed a realm.

Autumn is so difficult to understand , the United States has Xiao worryalexander hera pre wedding .


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