In My Dreams

In My Dreams




Our village is a fifth people say

We in the village a call brother said, should be ghosts, otherwise, why will has the & ldquo; ghost & rdquo; words, the answer is clearly a sophism, but when he said this, we has no words to refute this

When I was ten years old, I saw a ghost. At noon that day, I came home from school, through the double new hall, came to the wing put bags, suddenly saw the two young children in the bends, the two children a male a female, and I generally large, wearing a white shirt, neck also with red scarf, their hands holding hands, towards me smiled. I just blink of an eye, they can't see it. At that time, I was scared out of a sweat, heart like this, there is the legend of the ghost people “ ”? If they are ghosts, then the ghost is a shadow.

According to the traditional view, saw the ghost also is to see the person's soul, that is to say, people have lost souls, the souls of the people will die instantly.

I saw “ ” after that, I looked at the people in the village, and saw that someone was dying, but, for a long time, there was no dead style

Small in the evening, we have a group of children often go to Grandpa home warming himself by the fire. While kaohuo while clinging to his grandfather, he tells a ghost story. Three grandpa said, there is a ghost called Road ghost, people in the night when the night to meet the ghost on the trouble, he will take you to the mountains and fields, you go on the mountain, the nose will run into a tree, you will walk in the field, you will be on a night, until you are exhausted. There is also a ghost

And woman to give birth to a child, the ghost came, they put a basket, hand holding a red cloth and in women outside the window, Yiyang Yiyang, the woman to give birth to a child must be a dead child. And there is a ghost called a hanging neck, they stand on the side of the road under the tree, holding a rope in the hand, some people go this way, they say: hang up, hang up!

When we heard this, often creepy, shrinkage as a group, did not dare to pee in the courtyard, home have associates, hands also needs to take a torch

When I was twelve years old, I had a terrible thing in the village. A brother called Shen young lad, was twenty-two years old, be rather baffling had a dead stomach coptis.

One evening, production team called home, Shen brother destroyed with a basket to a called bowl water concave slopes in pull ragweed, this place is back, Hom abounds in Coptis chinensis is a famous Huang Liangui place, usually almost no alone went there. Shen Ge should be possessed, he happened a person to the Caspian, half an hour later, he pulled out with a basket of ragweed, there are green grass, cotton grass, wild onion, wild Qiao Tuo, is preparing to return home, a middle-aged man smiled to him, hands take a Coptis chinensis shoots to Shen elder brother to eat, Shen brother noises.then eat. Then, the man took his elder brother Shen to pick the coptis root tip, the people to pick a, elder brother Shen eat a, eat a total of 27, then, the man in a blink of an eye was gone. Shen brother this time you woke up, the heart, think, encountered a ghost, hurriedly carrying basket to go home, home will account for parents to parents anxious round and round, a will treat Chinese goldthread soil doctor please, earthy doctor can say, not saved. Eating too much, coptis root into the belly, would hurt Ganchang broken. Only one night, brother Shen died.

followed me to ice cream

Arabian papercranes prayer, from rainy to sunny, watch the Arabian Nights, from a thunderstorm to sleep to the beauty of Xing Kongjing, all the way along, to accompany you to witness your growth, nice. --.

Leave time after light Youth passes as a fleeting wave., a moment. Three years of time from point to seam in the passage, I walked on the path of youth, you stop, witnessed the guardian of your forest covered a thousand paper cranes. The mind move, one thousand paper cranes will fly to the dream of the sky. I stretched out my hand gently grasp an origami crane, didn't make them stop dream steps, thoughts are with the dream of flying, high in the sky see traces left by the angle, recall the past bit by bit.

"Meng Lord brother, I want to eat ice cream." I look at the look you look, and turn to buy an ice cream for you.. Thank you brother!" You thanked me by the time, and then put your attention on the ice cream in your hand.. I smiled and looked at your eyes, the next moment, the world quiet. Your eyes endless sweet, without a trace of impurities. I was troubled and distressed red heart at that moment felt a kind of peace. That was a stunning time.. Then my soul pen yet awakened, my heart is the initiation of Xiangxi tenderness. Sister, your innocence wash away the common dust of my heart. You let me know the life be light of heart from care blank. Trance, I seem to see a fairy tale world in your mind, I face all sleep, conveniently hung on the a thousand cranes, looking forward to you find not far from this wonderful

Often a person walking in the ordinary world, cloud water Zen consciousness of Enron, charactizing a fine spring day warm, beautiful writing on the plain. If the umbrella meets a woman in the misty rain, will return with a smile, not light disturbance, but the heart is often read. I thought A hedge between keeps friendship green., shallow and incessant, stretches far to. When I entered the forest when you guard, I found that the most beautiful encounter in the world is to meet you. You see I will send my visit, willow. I can't bear to accept your gift, but in my heart there is a strange feeling that I chose to accept the silence.. Heart gush a warm, but I do not know why warm. Good understanding: the world is not wicker, hope you put the elves, the most lovely heart gave me hope. If good nature you just Ann quietly accompanies the tree, they will not be cast under the elves special brilliance, stained with plain fleeting. Maybe you do not know, you want to in the willow tree, the paper cranes wake up. Given the magic of the ordinary dance can let a miracle, wake up the power of sleep.

Juyi Peng Lake in the colorful time, water clear watering tired figure, wash away the secular dust, I a transparent heart. A leisurely walk in between the green mountains and blue waters meet many surprises, expects to find the elf like fruit, to share with you the tree fruit with counterparts in the scenery. When I met you, I invited you, shook your head and did not want to disturb me. I just wanted to urge you, but I first remind me, brother, don't lose yourself." You choose to remain in the forest, the guardian of the efforts of their own. See you look at the tree of a thousand paper cranes, I pleased to laugh for you, bright appearance of the fruit, as peace of mind of the thousand paper cranes. My sister grew up and had her own ideas and was no longer the little princess that followed me to ice cream..

Personally think in your forest as you hang origami, to make up for a lack of willow, the abundance of your fairy dust. But I did not return to your territory, lost in the crossroads. Under the same sky, why there are different paths? So many corners, where to see the scenery? And then I will meet us, in the depths of red dust? I closed my eyes and I was afraid....... The ethereal voice from afar, listen, who is singing songs of childhood, heal my heart? Who is blessing well, purify the annoyance that I have before? When I open my eyes again, I see you not far away, and all the answers know, everything is in the silent. The moment is no longer at a loss, but I did not move forward, because I want to achieve the promise of the.

I don't have previous complacency

Conceit makes one really true failure, may see my dad, I only have so often said "half a bucket of water", all things will only half, not aggressive, after severe lazy behavior. Every time call dad, dad worried me, I later what to do, what are you doing, I graduated in the same class the classmate all signed work, and I also hold a heart to north drift, his dream to reality it to Beijing. Every time I hear him pour out I always feel uncomfortable, has been a proud jie when I think what can I do, just I don't want to do western seafood restaurant hong kong.

Pride often make people blind, if you don't meet some setbacks didn't know several catties several two, now think about it, dad's words really, I was really tunnel vision, the sky, in the field of his head, and even laugh at the bird have no overhead, its wide field of vision Royal Romance.

Since said he was going to say goodbye to the classmates friends north drift, when north bleaching gens to realize a dream, the same night good friends shout give a farewell dinner for me, on the banquet, I brag about to friends do or die, the result to Beijing turned a circle, be cheated when the masses actor, a waste of resources, more important is a heavy blow to my heart, before their parents, think more than the day of cattle, in the north drift life in a burst, realize the cruelty of let I really step into the critical point of dream, I whether to continue or give up my ideal, to accept the reality, the first time I had the choice phobia, which is also the turning point of my life dating.

Back to anshan see classmates friends more or less awkward, while chatting up poking fun at the north drift that embarrassing, but also in the heart is bad, after all is fast go their own way, they all have their own place, but I didn't sign the work is still reluctant to give up, also want to continue to pursue, the difference is I don't have previous complacency.

Dad often call comfort to me, really out if not bottom go to, than back anchored to find a job, take an examination of what a civil servants, that are outside talent, especially in Beijing, it is not easy to want to mix out something true. Maybe time is long, and germination of the idea of home, dad Fried dishes, mom in clay pot soup, how hold around my heart.

But in spite of the anxious to return, I stepped out that step, destined to me to dominate my life, no matter how much frustration must also be brave to face. When I told dad again I also want to go to north drift, dad began to encourage me, and not what people don't killed, easy, frustration can make us stronger, don't do only do half a bucket of water, should have perseverance will certainly be successful with hard work, what do you want to do dad will support you. Before always feel dad nagging, and this time I was really touched.

I chose to continue to pursue, don't want to do more don't want to just half a bucket of water, salted fish because half a bucket of water never down, see is just a piece of day, only accumulate over a long period, often hurt often war, the lost the courage to fill the last half a bucket, can only be somebody.

appear confident and proud

Seven years worked in yueyang, often have friends come to visit, I often take him to the old town after nightfall dry clear temple snack street to eat food taken late at night. This street is at the gate of the yueyang 3, street is not long, narrow, is low shabby houses on both sides. Here is very quiet during the day, night is diners gathered the city that never sleeps. I often go to the shop named tianbao, says it is a small, small refers to its stores, store up to two meters wide, the door half with a hearth, crayfish, keeping for processing, the other half to diners and waiters who pass by mask house.

Shop no delicate MenBian, only the wood frame with paint "tianbao" two words from the crooked. Into the shop, after know a big bucket, seven, eight turn, three layers from top to bottom, are all converted house restaurant, a total of more than 30 platform. Don't look at shop, fame are big, tianbao braised shrimp tail oil, brine pig's feet, ducks head, halogen thousand, Fried lotus root tip are famous, such as that patrons are welcome. Incredibly tianbao business boom, the guest walked to dinner often need to send someone for seats, otherwise, must stand in someone else's desk waiting, stay left rear can sit satiated with food and others. YueYangRen often proud of can often eat shrimp to tianbao, outsiders to yueyang eat midnight snack not tianbao is white. Middle-aged shopkeeper is a fat, bald and often Fried cooked in front of the stove with bare arms, quick and focused manner, appear confident and proud mask house.

Tianbao go far, to know there is more than food to tianbao, its way of business also has distinguishing feature very much. Tianbao fame, business is booming, but the boss never finish business exclusive, always think about left adjacent right lane also want to do business. Tianbao provide guests keeping, cooking, for example, but drinks, such as staple food is left to others do, diners to cash to buy drinks staple food to sell, although some not accustomed to, there are complaints, but had to do as the Romans do. Tianbao, moreover, only do business in the evening, at noon is the left right lane, at noon I have several times to dry clear temple buy shrimp for changsha's relatives and friends, is a locked door in front of tianbao, finally left the store bought packaging back to a job in the next room mask house.

Also, tianbao boss also don't take on too much, too, is always to hold a spoon, abide by the duty, seriously do a good job in every dish. Although the business has been popular, but never tried to drive chain, brand. Someone in changsha with the banner of "tianbao shrimp", the boss hurriedly rumours on the Internet, insisted that day alone, there is no branch. I was chatting with tianbao boss, persuaded him to expand the scale, the business bigger and stronger. He is han han smile, said he is satisfied, money is not much.

A person even if again good

A person even if again good, but don't want to accompany you go on, that he is a visitor. Even if a person has more disadvantages, can all inclusive you, accompany you to the end, that is the end. Because of accompany with understood, more important than love. There will be a lot of love in my life, accompany you to go to the final, only one person all the time. Find a willing to tolerate you, go to the last to get one's heart, whitehead not separation. Love is mutual tolerance, mutual cherish life dr renew treatment.

In this day and many people began to "on", have come to no longer believe in love, this sentence is a very desirable luxury goods, like handbags, there are a lot of people yearning, some people have and others. Those who have, also someone with genuine, someone is fake.

Then, our love also more and more realistic. And those simple words, than the more in-depth personal commitment.

Love is with you, don't cheat don't hurt Dr Renew

Once heard such a story, he say to her, but she pretended not to hear, put the signature changed to "company is the longest confession of love", she said, fear is the beginning of the lost, he may not understand, or even see, or sad in her refusal, go back to crying. But the next day, she still pretended not to know, and he has to talk about, talk about not over of things.

This is a story of youth, at that time, they are only 17 years old, according to the neophyte Dr Renew.

Someone asked on zhihu, if like of the person catch a cold, what to do, the best answer is two words: "open the door". Now we all know, saying "I love you" 1000 times, than a word, "where are you, I come to you". More about the promise of the future are blank check, not at the moment of warmth. So, we would feel "love is with you, don't cheat don't hurt", even feel "accompany with understood, more important than love.

The company is really about a kind of feeling? May be I need when you are in, when you need me at, the time is long company become a habit, but we take each other's good in mind. When one day, the other party, or is left for a while, only to find that is not too used to it. This may also can become another kind of love Dr Renew.

With the longest love is confession, please tender

Time is not long, the gentle man with tender

An online to see, "a lot of people think, two people familiar with like relatives didn't love. Actually love to insipid, is the beginning of life. Strong love often is flowing, love you will love others. So what will matter is not in love with you, but only love you one. What will matter is not how much love, but can love to the end. It is easy to find someone to love is a lifetime. So please remember this sentence: love to relatives, is eternal."


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