In My Dreams

In My Dreams




it also lazy to do it again.

In the early spring I cut from relatives back half a snakeskin bag rose flowers, going to put it in their hometown of farm house around. But because of the children to read, so I haven't had time to I planted my roses, and hurried back to the town DR REBORN.

Back before, I repeatedly told the husband, remember those roses plant in time, it will be good to even though the husband has repeatedly promised to. But I still worry about his will in which corner and forget them easily.

The second after the start of the weekend, I was eager to return to their hometown, to want to have a look at the present situation of the rose. When I was in the fence, the eaves, or weeds, see the trickle of the dusty rose, a hanging heart just drop off, although it still I had to pick back, without any change, but it was kind of down, I am happy for them, I think the rose went to the place where they should go DR REBORN.

All things grow in the spring, as if always let people hear the sound of the rapid filling up for vegetation, in the green grass and the joy of wild flowers everywhere, always can let people taste the sweet smell of wet air, I think those roses planted in spring country, it must also can feel the warm arms of the infinite nature!

Waiting is a long process, every time go home, I will be the first time to see those roses, I want to know far away from the metropolis, to avoid the crowds she grow roses.

Half of spring, I see most of the budding rose, long branches, but there are still a small part, or a polished rod commander, it seems to drain the water atrophy a lot, this is definitely not a normal phenomenon, I specially pull up, carefully looked at under the root, the root or roots, not be stained with a little dirt, don't say take root germination, but I can't find it wither. Then ask the uncle farming, just know, hard land, must dig panasonic dirt, like vegetables and then buried firm root. Oh! The original is not roses too don't live, but his own carelessness DR REBORN.

Survive rose leafy, breathtaking, and the whole summer, day after day I look forward to it out of the first times the buds.

It is summer now, I think I can stay on the farm every day, look at those rose in bloom. While waiting for me to take the child back to the farm, the rose has left, I asked my husband how be to return a responsibility? Husband say eaten by the big rooster! Husband is light in a word, in my heart, it is hardly lost. I still don't believe, in front of the house are all tender grass, why did the chicken will eat specially picked these roses? Murphy's that promiscuous cock to sent the affectionate hen mining? Later after my careful observation, the bud shoots
is eaten by the big cock, fat. Found the real culprit, in the heart of the big cocks naturally indignation extremely, but helpless. The door of the house with two solitary tree roses, at any time in the leaf tip the deformity is the cock, I got some bamboo made it around again good, I hope it don't be chicken. I think I already did their best to protect the ability. Because there is no experience, because of the disappointment, so disillusioned, it also lazy to do it again.

Hot summer passed, and all things slack autumn comes, do not know when, at the gate of the rose branches have imposed a red and bright rose, followed by a, two, three, was open. Surprise, truly, I say to the husband: "the door open for three big, bright roses, and the corner of a white, yellow has two large, and turns out to be the same above long! Good magic ah!" "Is not some flowers? Make a fuss!" The husband you hungry belly big eat large pieces of food. Yes! Is some flowers! Some can't fill the stomach and not buy goods, is not worth it. The husband every day busy farm size, when you eat, should be thinking about plans for tomorrow, how can he have to focus on the grounds that some flowers?

with me when I am

When frustrated really very poetic. As if in a cup of tea, a song, a leaf under can feel the text into a note, in my world jumping into a person's movement. The tune about family love friendship love, always can let me touch in this quiet night to the best of yourself Medicox.

Both affectionate was angered, and ruthless does not hurt, how I want to sing it to you myself; Whether it's time, or in the future nothing, how I want to make your smile into specimen; Both the spring and the autumn passed; and summer to the winter solstice, how I want to warm at that time was buried in the bottom of my heart. If you still can remember the playground swing, I can give you the best mud and I; If I can will you go back to the ticket lost, you must wait for me to grow up a little to really let go; If you still can not scruple to help me clean the blackboard, I was willing to shed the most pure the most precious tears. But there are so important, you and me, I was lost in the forests of the stubborn, over and over again to miss you. Cuckoo cuckoo, where way Medicox?

Look at the tomb of the fireflies ", I remember when I was a child sitting on his brother's shoulder. No matter how distant journey, no matter how much I unreasonable, brother always obliged. Was young and foolish, and I wonder if you also ShenChanLiBo. In the light rain showers, when dad paralysis, in the rain under the eaves of leakage, I don't know what time can eat instant noodles, lucky and I don't know what time are you want luck will come.

Although now I will make you less satisfied, although I now more and don't know what to say with you, but I know all of my brilliant stems from your enlightenment, very grateful to you let me become the most poetic I. Like dad spoil let me become the most aloof, I mother awkward warmth let me become the most stubborn I, sister-in-law magnanimous let me become the most licentious I. As the most sentimental I wrote here are the most literary I cry WIOM.

See "to listen to the song", the girl named Vivian month island and day ze st company's boy, always reminds me of those who insist on and dream. The time of 15 or 16, but again have withered. Once dismissed feelings, all young in the heart of sour and sweet memories. Once sentimental nutmeg, all hands hold a mood. Had inadvertently admiration, to the texture of the canthus ageless fantasy. We always say never regret, but often pour out so much pain and regret. We always feel don't despair, but the vein side of life dispersed so capricious.

We always said I hope in the front, but in the fog to explore people who take who wanders. That is the taste of happiness, may have been to, or have been blown away. Is the fate, or do not cherish the profligacy? Ignorance of how can I understand many! In those years the feelings as a non win both lose gambling, so even if in a quiet night my heart had a shooting star, but to the sentence "in life such as the forest in the thorns, the heart does not move, people don't move, don't move, it does not hurt. If move the person move, the pain in the bone, so the all pain in the world", I eventually become awkward little Bohemian.

Watching the double pupil, I hide in your shoulder, want to see and didn't look at the struggle only you can understand, I frighten of flow that night after the sweat in the middle of the night, still can't help but wake you co-extrusion that little beds. To my good is you tolerate all my bad temper, know my naughty naughty in one mouth. Also say I'm a dormitory XiaoYao, how nice, just like hk yoga when I lay asleep to put on my coat as warm heart. As red to us don't care about the same as the free and easy, everything that is also a cherished friendship.

In that no computer, I can only in the library of the day, because of you, I this since the stream of jiangnan didn't frozen in the cold wind of ice in the north. Because of you, I'm used to the childhood was drowned into loose along with the gender of the talent not four years of wandering in the twenty or thirty degrees below zero. It turns out that you have give me too much of true temperament, the rhetorical topdressing from again appear so pale. Thank you can you let me warm in the heavy snow, thanks to share with me when I am proud of all, thank you for listening to me when I confused chaos and gag. Thank time we each rush thing, just let me miss you deep in the night.

Word without end, end point which appears. The end of the feelings have no, as I said forever these words and phrases. My disappointment will enters the room, I wish I could forever immortal of poetry. Renew my that a cup of tea aroma is thick, I listen to the song to get, I hold that leaf or a world.

If you remember that on the playground swing, I would like to find you; If you can accompany me to grow old, I am willing to change; If you take me out of the classroom 15, I am willing to love you. If time can be static, if I can become mature, so I can just not miss you. This night you also see my articles, as you are with me, as you will give me the answer: the cuckoo cuckoo, where the return journey. Cuckoo cuckoo, return where.

dream is cool.

Night, leaf GuiYing, tori month. The strings of the breeze to round, shallow memory, get drunk, and hurried away, leaving only the melancholy like like a pipe dream, like fate, uncertain. Perhaps, first met under all of the flowers, life in suzhou, separation is carve patterns or designs on woodwork corridor corner of the breeze, count the prosperous alexander hera wedding.

Sometimes, the same month China blows the time's shadow. Write, the meditation. Thin cool, I think, in my memory, whether or not, there is a handsome boy, at that time, nutmeg trees, spring flowers, my childhood, his name is sweethearts.

Leaders of several cups of childhood moonlight, whether, will remember you once? On a few pages of Yellow Book, whether, will also retain your keypad? China during the month fell from between the branches, playing catkin, as if, once again, see you, the month of fife engaging youngalexander hera pre wedding.

When the spring flowers bloom in the field, double yan have not title to new mud. Flowing water, from the flowers in the valley, such as sound PeiHuan. You cane straw shoe, I then light garment unlined upper garment, wander between the mountains and waters, dyed flowers. Flower rain falls, the breeze, adjusting the dance, however, fell into the who's dream after all. Distant place, wet with the rain lane, wave oscillation heart, dream is cool.

Angelica goose rings in the sky, red leaves have dye through the mountains. Jian Jia flying, whose eyes, still in circulation in the lake? Who OARS away, a smile is still floating in the ears, in the light of the setting sun, landscape as the solidification time. The lake is not cool, boat reflecting the back, with your attire. Who missing is still in the rain on the green flagalexander hera pre wedding, like a dream.

The depths of the time, if meet, you a sword and exquisite, with the horse, with I wish. Through the mountains, only to find the dream shadow.

The depths of the time, if meet, you a white, cream China do dye, iii with attachment, softly light book thousand feet, only pursuit of spirit in the wind.

Time, time light wounds. The wind blows your hair, you say, in the coming year, the spring flowers, come back, is it?

The depths of the time, if met, js mi ammy not away from, David pact kuo?

love is a change for each other.

Love a person is not playing kissy-poo, more not kiss me, I also is not the exchange of interests, but can read you, pay attention to your mood. Two people who love each other do not need every day together, as long as the in the mind is thinking about each other, love can be. Love each other together for a long time, the characteristics of the two will gradually complement each other, love is much more that temper is getting better and better, more and more accommodating, loved the character becomes more and more arbitrary, but still could walk together, because one is trying to meet. Down there is always a person will change their bottom line to meet you, encourage you, is not naturally good temper, but special fear of losing you, would rather get you more familiar more bad trapped in her arms server rack .

In fact, personality is only an excuse for not love, want to know to cherish to protect everyone around him, because of the past five hundred times looking back, we meet only for this life, love you of person, not only focus on the body or wealth, but more concerned about your emotions, you suffered I love dearly, you sad, I don't have the heart to you I will compromise, you unreasonable I can endure, this is the true love alexander hera pre wedding!

To close a relationship again, also can appear misunderstanding and differences, no quarrel couple, only not harmonious family. Angry doesn't solve any problems; The roar, painful heart crack is affection; The cold war, will only make contradiction unlimited upgrade. Cool take years warm a heart, a heart as long as the moment. There's some reason is the past; Some words, endure a endure is harmonious; Some thing, ask. Give each other the opportunity, is the crystallization of the sublimation of love feeling. With each other, forgive each other; Accept each other, cherish attentively, feelings is to not abandon life, there are many silent moved.

True feelings, not promises, not agreement, more is not a condition, but the trust and understanding. Promise more, not to cash is a lie; Is agreement again good, not really hurt; Hard again, can't get along with is torture. Love requires a guaranteed not trust, you also need to a true understanding. Love is not blame, not let the other side to live according to their own thinking. Love is tolerance, love is, love is a change for each other.

What is the highest state of love? What the life-and-death, is habit. A woman accustomed to a man's snoring, never adapt to habit to sleep without his snore, that is love. A man accustomed to a woman's capricious, coquetry, even unreasonable, this is love; One person to another person to change, to compromise, this is love. To love, how much compromise, how much love.

Is true love, holding hands, through wind and rain, cold warm each other, a kind of pay, need to rely on; True love is a heart, in the face of distractions, tired to encourage each other, a kind of understanding, heart comfort; True love, the same journey, into the future, old snuggling with each other, a kind of happiness, be together forever, I without regret. Love, is not looking for a pair of completely suitable for your hand, but a pair of not appropriate, that no matter how they would be willing to hold your hand.

love in the forehead between life and death

Experience the magic forest from a fairy tale, the Snow White beautiful love wifi, to witness the beauty and the beast the loyalty of love, I think this is love. Wandered the swords of martial arts, Yang guo yet dragon son is endless yearning, love between the advent, li mo sorrow to seek your life, but in that a straight teach as strong as death regret. The sound when rong son call jing elder brother, I will think of the so-called happiness also can only so. When read, one day, I just know that love also can be so life and death diffused. Generation of a pair of people, life teaches two snap. This was a bearing numerous oath of marriage, become overshadowed, in front of the fate of the depression in the leaves with a light coat he, whether it is carrying countless thoughts of those who weep met her through time and space. Last month, the flow hard day once cyclization, evening evening ChengJue. Devoted to silent wind flower falls, put the lamp on the west,, love to tea end, and diffused. That kind of love is endless ruin to the person, too sad love, he can only use only thirty-one years time in a hurry. I do not understand, perhaps that is because I have not experienced, I wrote down this section of the past, perhaps one day, in the poetry after float however, only for that little sense of deja vu. I don't understand, why too much love escapes cangmang the end of the life and death server rack.

Are lying in the fairy tale, the prince and the princess story is only the fairy tale. Irrevocable title deed is vast, and the son said, taking your hand, and son xielao. This is I'm looking forward to love. Mountain without edges, river for the exhaust, winter LeiZhenZhen summer rain snow, heaven and earth together, is a must-jun and dare. This is the oath of love. Myself from ignorance to implicitly, all belong to the ordinary, the daddy, mother's love, I can't find a familiar shadow no so-called Jude, life and death are greatly without touching the vows of eternal love. Have a plenty of countless quarrels. I hesitated, love don't want to have the life if such as first encounter, and would like to have a heart, whitehead of all the way to the hoary head not and mutually leave loyalty alexander hera pre wedding? With growing up a little, when reality through dreams, all good disillusioned. I've learned that the love of parents need is not what vows of eternal love, but in all kinds of daily necessities sauce vinegar tea with a little condensation, together to grow together. When I was a child in mom and dad grew up in all sorts of arguments, tired and irritated, never to think this is love, a kind of reality love, unique love between a mother and father. Each other's ear sound told when you get sick. Deeply miss travel when after a long separation. Love between the a bit, they have their own happiness. No, evil, I and your shining promise, to know each other are silent in this lifetime, love in the forehead between life and death go hand in hand. Perhaps this is love.

What is disappointed, I know you tears and heartbroken sound have life. Is destined to life and death disappears, abuse, or ignorance, don't understand. If he know, one day in the old south lake, a woman in the waiting, remember to draw a/f., east, return Cong months, wake up is not destroyed, such as heart and who said, only old stripping, stealing two lines of tears. He will be how to treat. And my world, only a little fairy, I had been waiting for a lost little fairy. The fish who love simple to the extraordinary, even if your life is only a minute, and he would like to marry the little fairy. When I choose fairy as your name, it is doomed to be a promise, and fish were the same commitment. Happiness, on the tip of the tongue is mom and dad happiness when one day dust to dust, dirt to dirts, perhaps happiness will be fixed in a nidea, become eternal. Perhaps one day, when the experience, I understand, love is so simple. But now, I still in the dream.


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